Effective Communication Exerecises

Many times people are afraid to give a speech or to talk before a group because they lack the know-how to plan and deliver a speech. Or they feel that they don’t have anything to say that an audience would be interested in hearing.

Well, I want to challenge you to try the following exercises; though they deal with communication they have benefits for you as an aspiring public speaker. You can write an essay, a journal entry, discuss the topic with a friend or relative, role play it or have a debate.

Suppose that …

  1. You’re trying to tell your principal about a problem you are having with your teacher. But each time you try to explain what is going on he keeps cutting you off. What might you do to improve your communication with him?
  2. Your grandparents are visiting and they are changing everything in your home. You can’t watch T.V. during the week anymore. You can’t have your friends over and this bothers you. You tried to talk to your parents about it but they won’t listen. What might you do?
  3. Your brother is getting on your nerves. You want to tell him to get lost but you know that you will get in trouble if you do. How can you communicate what you are feeling and thinking in a respectful manner?

Take time to think about each scenario and how you would handle it. As you think about it try to visualize the situation. This will help you get in touch with your emotions. As a speaker you want to be passionate. Allow your passions to come to the forefront. You may even want to try to develop a speech around one of the examples above.

What you want to do as you plan your speech you want to be clear as to your purpose, make sure that your message is clear, that you are not using the wrong emotions or tactics—like anger when you should be using persuasion.

Remember that as you respond to the scenarios you want to engage the listener, want to tell how it is impacting on you and not attack the person, you want to build in to your response where you listen to their feedback as well (for that is a key component of effective communication), you don’t want to gossip or bash people(for that will not get you the results you are looking for), then you want to close with thanking them for listening or trying to understand (just summarize how it made you feel and what you are thankful for if anything).

Are you ready to give it a try?

Then let’s go!


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Written by Michelle Dyett-Welcome on October 20, 2009

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