How to Become a Public Speaking Warrior

The fear of public speaking is one of the highest-ranking fears…it ranks up there with dying according to research studies.

Why is this the case?

Could it be because of the individual has a lack of confidence? Or a false perception of self? Or maybe there is a misconception about public speaking? Let us look at each of these one at a time.

Lack of Confidence

According to Matt M. DeSilva, in his article Causes of Low Self Confidence, lack of confidence can be caused by fear, guilt, or unrealistic expectations.

If you have a fear of performing in a specific area, your confidence can be affected. If you have guilt, over something that you did this can also affect your confidence level. And if you have unrealistic goals that you fail to accomplish this can also adversely affect your confidence level.

A False Perception of Self

Having the wrong perception of yourself can also cause you to have a fear of public speaking. If you devalue yourself—that what you know is not enough, what you have to say is not important, or that no one will be interested in hearing you because you are not a Bill Gates…then you will lack confidence, which can result in fear.

If you believe that what you have to say is not important then you may even believe that others will think the same thing. And when you think about standing up in front of an audience to share your thoughts fear will be your companion.

A Misconception about Public Speaking

If you have an erroneous view of public speaking, it could be what is behind your fears. Public speaking is like talking, teaching, or having a conversation with your friends. Your friends want to hear what you have to say—they value your impute. If you are teaching, your students desire to learn from you they want you to impart your knowledge to them. They are rooting for you. They want you to succeed.

How can you overcome the fear of speaking?

Build your self-confidence. There are many ways to do this but the most important one is to change the way you view and look at yourself and how you view public speaking. If you believe in yourself and your abilities, others will too.

So, your biggest challenge…the hurdle you must overcome is yourself.

Hildy Gottlieb in her article, Fear of Public Speaking said, “I had made the switch in my mind. No longer did I consider these tasks “Public Speaking.” I was just teaching…”

And you can do it too!

Ask yourself a few questions:

What do I believe about myself?

Why would anyone want to listen to me?

What am I really afraid of?

  • Be honest about what you believe about your self.
  • List all the positive reasons that people would want to listen to you.
  • Determine what it is you’re really afraid of and confront it head on.

The way to become a public speaking warrior is to come against fear—by publicly speaking, remove all self-sabotaging habits, release or deal with anything that is affecting yourself confidence.

If you have a lisp—practice speaking. If you have a stutter-try, deep breathing, and mental coaching to keep yourself calm. If you were told that you were a boring or poor speaker by someone—determine to prove him or her wrong. If you feel that you are not an expert on a subject—become an expert. No matter what the obstacle, devise a way to overcome it because the only way to be defeated is not to try.

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Written by Michelle Dyett-Welcome on July 26, 2009

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