Let Me Speak! Talk Radio

Just a quick reminder that on Saturday August 8th will will have a Letitea Archer as our special guest she is a motivational and leadership coach with over 15 years of Toastmaster experience under her belt. We want to invite you to listen in to the show. You can call in at 347.994.1148, she would [...]

Written by Michelle Dyett-Welcome on August 6, 2009

Our First Let Me Speak Show

I just wanted to share with you that we just completed our first show today–and it was fabulous!
We tackled the questions we are asked most often:
How can I help my child overcome his or her fear of public speaking?
Will my child grow out of his fear of speaking before people? Or should I do something [...]

Written by Michelle Dyett-Welcome on August 1, 2009