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Excuse Me! Let Me Speak…is a wonderful tool for homeschooling parents and buy discount levitra teachers. It gives practical ways for children to master the art of public speaking, which is a valuable skill to have and such a confidence builder.”

—Rebecca KochenderferSenior Editor

Excuse Me! Let Me Speak… speaks to kids on their level – without speaking down to them or talking over their heads. It provides fast, powerful techniques that kids of viagra online sales all ages can start using right away to build and develop speaking skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives..”

—Cheryl AntierDirector , Writer‛s Business Academy

Excuse Me! Let Me Speak… is a phenomenal resource for any young person who is leonoraoppenheim.com interested in public speaking. It is user friendly in that it is easy to read and the activities are easy to follow. Michelle has written this book in away that makes public speaking simple and fun for young children. I highly recommend this book for any parent or teacher that has an interest in supporting their student/students in overcoming being a shy or fearful public speaker.

—Bernice Springer-RichardsCSW NYC Board of Education ,Life Coach

“Michelle Welcome‛s book, Excuse Me!… Let Me Speak…, does a superb job of providing children, homeschool educators, teachers, and parents with a clear, witty and engaging format designed to http://academychild.com/wordpress/generic-viagra-india facilitate children in recognizing and reaching their potential and skillful involvement in the never-ending human discussion. “

—Lynn ScanterberryFormer NYC Public School Educator ,(Brooklyn African-American Homeschool Connections), K&M Academy Homeschool Consultant

Excuse Me! Let Me Speak… is a powerful book for anyone—youth or adult! You will gain full understanding of oral presentation, effective communication, and how to portray confidence in the public speaking arena!”

—Letitea F. ArcherDTM (Toastmaster)

“I had to give an oral presentation as part of my application into school and i recommend online generic cialis I was very nervous and kept making lots of mistakes. Then I read chapter 2 and 3 of “Excuse Me! Let Me Speak” because my mom was reviewing it and right away I realized three things I was doing wrong. I went through all the exercises, and in less than a week I had my speech prepared and memorized. On the day I gave my presentation I felt relaxed and confident – and it showed, because I aced it! I learned skills that I will have now for the rest of www.opportunitysutton.org my life and I am not afraid to speak up in any situation any more!”

—Anthony Thompson, Age 17Artist

“… I‛m so excited about Excuse Me! Let Me Speak. The author, Michelle Dyett-Welcome, has laid out a simple and effective to teach kids the very good site best prices for cialis virtues of public speaking. I recommend this for any parent who wishes to unlock their child‛s potential.”

—Michael G. HolmesCC Toastmaster

“I highly recommend Excuse Me! Let Me Speak for youths interested in public speaking. The exercises throughout the manual will develop speaking skills for any situation. Parents will witness their child‛s confidence and self-esteem soar once their children have completed this book. Everyone young and recommended site discount viagra online old interested in public speaking will benefit from getting a copy of this book.”

2008 1st and 2nd Place Winner Humorous Contest

2008 1st and 2nd Place Winner Table Topic Contest

—Alexis W. RamosCC, CL ToastmasterVoices of Rochdale ,Toastmasters Organization – District 46

 We would like to share with you what people are saying about Excuse Me! Let Me Speak…A Young Persons Guide to mexico cialis no prescription'>mexico cialis no prescription Public Speaking on Amazon…

5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Reference Tool, September 27, 2009

Dyette-Welcome has put together a practical guidebook for teaching children to speak in public. She walks through steps that build a child’s esteem and overcomes practical objections with ease. The best part is those lessons can be applied to aduilt speakers as well! Think about not being afraid when facing your peers and being able to give that gift to the children in your life! What a wonderful resource!

My copy was picked up as an intended gift for my god-daughter who is not shy – but has trouble organizing her thoughts in front of a group. Of course, I had to read through it first and I’m so glad I did because I learned things that I needed to know. Not just for her but for myself! This tool is one I have recommend to my church’s youth group and http://www.journalverlag.com/viagra-without-a-prescription every teacher I know. There are certain tools we all want our children to have and this book is one of them.

So my copy has gone to the youth group – but the next one’s for my lovely god daughter!

Cheryl Richter, Author, CPA

5.0 out of 5 stars A must have for young speakers., September 23, 2009

The number 1 fear in most adults today is the fear of speaking in public. This is no different for our children. “Excuse Me! Let Me Speak… by Michelle J. Dyett-Welcome, is an excellent guide to only for you viagra from india help conquer this fear and empower our children to stand up and speaker in front of an audience. The book covers topics such as eye contact, movement, and breathing. The book also includes practice worksheets and suggestions of agp.qc.ca well known stories to use as speech topics.

I would highly recommend the book for every child. Learning appropriate public speaking skills early in life will make children better prepared for challenges they will face as adults.

By Lonna H. Chesapeake, Va

Order your copyof  Excuse Me! Let Me Speak… NOW and equip your child to be one of tomorrow’s leaders—TODAY!